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As the beat gets counted out you can sense that something big is about to happen. Bang! From the first crack of the drums you’re drawn in, soon hit by the tight bass tones, then before you know it a sharp electrifying shred of guitars. Your heart runs, your attention is theirs. Sliding in over the top comes the cool, smooth vocals. It’s a bitter sweet sound with the bold rock punch wrapped in a silky melodic package. It puts a smile on your face for days, all you know is you just want more!

This four piece rock powerhouse is lead by Riley Al-Johary; he projects mature song-writing with a voice to be reckoned with. Nathan Garton's guitar riffs pour out loud, thick and solid. Paul Field executes tight bass grooves that have enough gravitational force to pull the Earth out of orbit. The powerful, precise beats from Carl Hayman on drums provide the robust backbone of this potent brew. With seamless integration and absolute dedication to that which is rock, this band is the complete package.

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  • Prolepsis - Inner Reflection - 39MB

  • Prolepsis - Inner Reflection - No Drums - 38MB

  • Complete set download - 75MB


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