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OS Update


OS update V1.303 for the DrumIt Five.
20160606 OS update V1.30.3 for the DrumIt Five. This OS version fix an issue in loop mode regarding Solo loop. The start and stop function is now working as expected. All new features since OS 1.26 are explained in more detail in the sections below.

  • Mask function to reduce double triggering issues.

  • New Loop Group functions to control start and stop simultaneously.

  • Added trigger types.

  • Added special trigger types reducing crosstalk between head and rim.

  • Changing User-KIT-Banks on the fly.

  • New Save function - Have the DrumIt Five to start with your favorite kit.

  • Ring Kit selection.

  • KIT-ENV. When you assign a loop sound you can now set different LOOP functions under SOUND. The values LG1 - LG3 are added. They work like this: Set e.g. L1 on one pad with a loop sound and the same LG1 to another loop sound on another pad. Start the loop on the first pad and by hitting the other pad with the same Loop group number (LG1) the first loop will stop and the new loop will take over, hit the first pad again and the first loop will start playing while the second loop stops. There are 3 loop group numbers.

  • NEW SAVE feature: When saving a KIT you can choose FAVO. This means that the kit will be SAVED at its usual place but also will be the kit that the DrumIt Five starts with after start up. FAVO = Favorite.

  • Ring KIT selection - Turn right on KIT dial to choose a KIT between 1-100 continue to scroll true all single kits and you will finally end up to KIT 1 again without the need to turn backwards..

  • UNIT-SPEC Mask time - this feature sets a time limit for accepting a new trig. Useful for those of you triggering acoustic drums or having trouble with double triggering issue. You can choose between value 1-10. A hi set value will reduce re-triggering time, that is, how fast you can play on a pad.

  • UNIT-TRIG - here are 5 new trigger types added. RubH 1-3, XPad and XRim. The RubH 1-2 are trigger types for playing the DrumIt Five with our rubber heads. RubH 1-2 is designed for the 10 and 12 inch pads. The RubH 3 is more suitable for the kick.The XPad and XRim are trigger types that offers a crosstalk depress function. They work locally for one stereo pad so assign the value XPad for a head and XRim for the rim and you will have less crosstalk issues. There is a XTALK function in the module today but it's a global function. Please note; that you need to fine tune the GAIN and THRES values for the pad you are testing with. Hardest hit on pad respectively Rim should reach maximum -1 dB. (The value you have a read out of under LEVEL).

  • Changing BANK files: With the file Globalconfig.dcfg added to the DrumIt Five memory top folder you can now choose another BANK file without restarting the module. Press MORE and KIT for a little while and you will get to choose between different BANK files. This is useful if you are using different settings for different types of situations. E.g. In the studio, live on stage or are using different types of triggers.

  • There are 2 new BANK files added:

    1. DrumItRub - Settings are made for playing the DrumIt Five with our Rubberhead pads. (standard set up but with UNIT-TRIG settings that fits the Rubber heads)

    2. DrumItTrig - Settings are made for playing the DrumIt Five with TrigIt acoustic triggers. The UNIT TRIG settings are tailored for use with TrigIt acoustic triggers, (or similar))

    Please note that all Banks have the same sounds in all KITS.

  • The last saved Kit Bank will be default on next start up or reboot. Pay attention to that the DrumItinit BANK file is a default factory reset bank. It's actually a copy of the DrumIt.dkt BANK file. If you use other KIT BANKS the UNIT settings might not be as expected. It's a good idea to make copies of your own BANK files to your PC for Backup.

Important information

  • Backing up

    Please make a backup of the original DrumIt.dkit file. If you save UNIT or KIT settings with OS 1.20 they will be in 1.20 format which is not backward compatible with earlier OS.

  • Beta Version

    If you have been using a beta version of OS 1.20, it has to be removed from the DrumIt drive otherwise the boot program loads it instead of the release version. It is also advised to use the DrumIt.dkit file you have copied before testing the beta version. Some settings saved with the beta version might not be compatible with the release version.

  • Cymbal and Hihat trigger

    There are new cymbal trigger and hihat pedal functions. When updating to OS 1.20, these settings need to be adjusted. Refer to the description of the cymbal trigger and hihat pedal in the UNIT section below.

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Installation Instructions

  • 1

    Download the 1.3x zip file from 2box.se to your Computer (mac or PC). Unzip the files.

  • 2

    Connect your DrumIt Five to your Computer via USB. You need to restart and hold down the USB button while the DrumIt Five is powering up to enter the USB mode. The top folder of the DrumIt five should now pop up on your Computer. Copy the following files to the top folder of the DrumIt Five hard drive.

  • 3

    Copy the DrumIt130.bin ( System file) and globalconfig.dcfg to the top folder of the DrumIt Five

  • 4

    DrumItRub.dkt and DrumItTrig.dkt are not needed but can be useful if you want to use different BANK files.

  • 5

    Restart and the DrumIt Five will automatically boot with the new OS 1.3X.