DrumIt Five - Loop Library & Application


2box collaboration series featuring high quality samples from the Loopmasters team. To use loops makes sure that you have updated to OS V1.26

Loop Library 1.0


Bass Loops group 1


Bass Loops group 2


Bass Loops group 3


Bass Loops group 4


Guitar Loops group 1


Guitar Loops group 2


Keyboard Loops group 1


Keyboard Loops group 2


Keyboard Loops group 3


Music Loops group 1


Music Loops group 2


Percussion Loops group 1


Percussion Loops group 2


Percussion Loops group 3


Percussion Loops group 4


Vocal Loops group 1

Loop Engine information

One Loop folder. Six categories.

For ease of use the default “loop” folder has been sorted in to 6 different categories as shown below. Simply add your loop samples to the category that you want it to appear in.

Loops folder setup

The folder names of the six categories have also been created to fit the DrumIt Five display, along with the type and BPM / Key.

Before you start

Loops and the use of single kits is compatible with DrumIt Five 1.0 sound library updated with the 1.0 loop library together with the OS V1.26software update.

Creating your own loops?

To create your own loops download the “DrumItLoop.exe” PC tool and simply drag and drop your wave file ( the wave file needs to be pre-edited to the correct length ) on to the proprietary program, which will automatically create a .dsnd loop file and save it to the same location as your original file.

Loops folder setup

Custom Loop Library

Containing: 16 DrumIt Loop Kits and sample Loop folders.


Installation Instructions

  • 1

    Download either the "Custom Loop Library" or "Complete Loop Library".

  • 2

    Connect your DrumIt Five via USB to the PC or Mac. Boot up the Unit in USB mode by holding down the left button above the LCD at startup.

  • 3

    Unzip the download and drag and drop the "Loop" folder to the DrumIt Five root directory.

  • 4

    Reboot your Unit once your PC / Mac has finished writing ( R or W is not displayed on the LCD ) to the DrumIt Five unit. The single loop kits are located after kit 100

  • 5

    Several kits were created using internal effects, so please make sure the FX volume is turned up in the Mix.


  • DrumItLoop application
    Size: 41KB Download

    Info: The DrumItLoop application is only available for Windows at this time. OSX version will be released later in the autumn.

  • Complete Loop Library
    Size: 157MB Download
  • Single kits complete
    Size: 16KB Download