Check out these great sound samples from the Drumasonic sample library. If you like them purchase the whole library at: www.drumasonic.com

Drumasonic Library


Drumasonic Samples

If pristine sound quality and mixing options is everything for you and if you can't get enough authenticity than take the chance and choose Drumasonic 2. The Drumasonic libraries fit perfectly to 2BOX DrumIt Five Drums and offer unique mixing possibilities for e-drum performances. Imagine having all e drum signals under separate control, as you are used to when mixing acoustic drums. More info and free demo version: http://www.drumasonic.com

  • 1.Drumasonic Natural Snare

    9.7MB Download
  • 2.Drumasonic Metal Snare

    17.5MB Download
  • 3.Drumasonic Large Snare

    13.6MB Download
  • 4.Drumasonic Hip Hop Kick

    5.8MB Download
  • 5.Drumasonic Fat Kick

    5.2MB Download