Sample Library


DrumIt Five sample Library, including a host of new samples to download free of charge for all DrumIt Five user's. Please note: All sample files are zip files. You will need to unzip them before you load them into the DrumIt Five.

Sample Library


Red Sparkle Samples

The Red Sparkle Samples is made up with a GMS red sparkle drum kit of North American maple and Remo pinstripe heads. Kick 22x18, RT 10x8, RT 12x9, FRT 14x14 FT 16x16

Tom Samples
Kick Samples
Snare Samples

Synth Drum Samples

Synth Demo

Check out these extraordinary synth drum sounds! We have put together a set of crisp synth sounds for you and arranged them in single kits each holding a song files to play along to if you like. The sounds are created using virtual analog synthesizers, mastered and produced for optimum performance and musical feel. Download the folder configuration, single kits, the sounds, the loops and you will instantly have pre-programmed synth kits to play. PLEASE NOTE: To get the sounds showing correctly in the kits, put the downloaded samples in the corresponding folder in the Synth folder (Download the folder configuration below). E.g Open up the Synth folder and move the downloaded kick samples to the Kick folder.

Cymbal Samples
Kick Samples
Snare Samples
Tom Samples
Percussion Samples
  • 1. All percussion samples

    18.3MB Download

Right click to download the file

Synth Drum Single Kits

Cube Beech Samples

Cube Beech Tom samples
Cube Beech Snare samples
Cube Beech Kick samples
Cube Beech Loops
Cube Beech Single Kits

808 Machine Samples

808 Tom samples
808 Snare samples
808 Kick samples
808 Cymbal samples
808 Hihat samples
808 Various samples

909 Machine Samples

909 Tom samples
909 Snare samples
909 Kick samples
909 Cymbal samples
909 Hihat samples
909 Various samples

CR78 Machine Samples

CR78 Tom samples
CR78 Snare samples
CR78 Kick samples
CR78 Hihat samples
CR78 Various samples

Tom Machine Samples

Dance Tom samples
Space Tom samples

Snare Machine Samples

Snare samples

Kick Machine Samples

Kick samples

Percussion Machine Samples

Percussion samples

Various Machine Samples

Various Machine samples

Streaplers Tom Samples

The Top Swedish dance band Streaplers have been touring all over Scandinavia for over 50! years and they are extremely popular in this genre of music. They draw full houses where ever they go. It must be the drum sound! Check them out at The drummer Kjetil Granli has kindly made his sounds available for you.

Tom samples
Snare samples
Kick samples
Various samples
.dkit files

Warlord Kit Samples

The Warlord kit is an unique drum kit from TAMA and not so common. The shells are made by Bubinga hardwood and it sports a special designed death metal styled fittings. This version was tuned heavy rock/metal style and made available for you in a dry recording version, making it easy to add the sound to the mix.

The kit specs

8,10,12 and 14 plus 16 Rack toms. 22 kick. Evans G1 clear drum heads. The Bubinga snares has Coated G1.

At the same recording we also did a set of Sound creation fusion cymbals. They work great together with the Warlord kit

Tom samples
Snare samples
  • 1. Warlord TA 14 Bubinga Amb

    10.3MB Download
Kick samples
.dkit files

Walnut Tom Samples

The walnut is a vintage Gretsch kit we have recorded. 12, 13, 15, and 16 floor tom. Ambassador heads and tuned in the typical Gretsch carachter in mind. This sounds are recorded in two version dry and with a little room ambience. 2 toms 12 and 14 are also recorded with brushes and tuned up for that jazzy sound.

Tom samples

Walnut Kick Samples

Kick samples

Dry Recorded Tom Samples

These samples were recorded and edited to add a bit of ambience to the sound. Here is a version of these sounds without ambience. Great stuff to use with acoustic triggering and in the studio. It will also give you a slightly different sound character.

Tom samples

Heavy Rock Tom Samples

These Heavy Rock toms samples are tuned and pitched to work well in a heavy rock scenario. Two version are available. Ambience and a dry version.

Tom samples

Jazz Fusion Tom Samples

Made up from a GMS SL jazz kit with wood hoop and Evans G1 heads. Added 2/4 - 2013

Snare Samples

AMC Piccola Snare

American 13" custom snare with maple shell

    Added 2/4-2013

  • 1. AMC Piccola Snare

    2.8MB Download
Rockett Carbon Snare samples

Please enjoy this typical punchy rock snare sound with attitude, sampled in various versions with different head and tuning/dampening.

LU Snare samples

From an Island in the Far south east comes this Snare drum. We give you different mix version of this wood snare drum.

MA Snare samples

One of our absolute favourite Snare drums in the library which we would like to share with you. Some new mixes of this handmade extraordinary snare drum, made in Stockholm some years back by Urban Nasvall.

Nasvall Snare samples
KA Snare samples
Birch Snare samples

Kick Samples

Can't get enough of kick drums? - well here are some more!

Jazz Fusion Kick Samples
Big Jambo Kick Samples

The Jambo kick and the Juno kick comes in different mix version.

Juno Kick Samples
Down Beat Kick Sample
Hard Kick Sample
Klick Kick Sample
Record Kick Sample

Cymbal Samples

A selection of Cymbals for download.

Anatolian Ride

Betram Engel signature ride. Added 2/4-2013

Symrna Crash

From neoclassic series. Added 2/4-2013

EU Crash samples
EU China samples
EU Ride samples
EU Splash samples
AZ Crash Samples
AZ Ride Samples
HHX Splash Samples

Hihat Samples

Groove 13 Hihat sample

Hihat Samples

EU Hihat samples

The Hihat sound "Groove 15 Hihat" included in 1.0 sound library and shipped with 0.36 software has a little fault in the samples. This version correct this fault. Please download this one and overwrite the previous version in the memory.

Groove Hihat samples
Dance Hihat samples
AZ SR Hihat samples

DrumIt Five Editor 1.0.4 for PC and Mac

Always remember to close down the Editor software before you disconnect the DrumIt Five from the USB port.

Installation Instructions

  • 1

    Connect the DrumIt Five unit to your PC or Mac via a USB cable. Boot up the Unit in USB mode by holding down the left button above the LCD at startup. After download, double click on the DrumIt 1.0.4 installer ( Windows only ).

  • 2

    At start up the Editor will be looking for a drumit.dkit file. ( The .dkit file holds all the DrumIt Five settings. ) Navigate to the DrumIt Five drive and choose the drumit.dkit file in the top level folder.

  • 3

    The Editor starts up with drum kit number 1. The pad symbols are laid out according to the trigger type settings in the DrumIt Five unit. They do not necessarily reflect the type of sound loaded on each channel.

  • 4

    Choose Audio Settings from the Setup menu and select the audio output. There is a Test button to check if the audio output is operational.


  • Windows Editor 1.0.4
    Size: 1MB Download

    Spec: Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7

  • OSX Editor 1.0.4
    Size: 2MB Download

    Spec: OS X 10.4 or later for Intel based Macs

  • Quick Start guide
    Size: 537KB Download
  • Test Samples download
    Size: 2.7MB Download

    Info: 24 Seperate samples to create your own *.DSND sample "Birch 14 AMB EQ" which is a 14 inch snare made from Birch with an ambassador head and some EQ tweaking for an interesting hi pitch sound.