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April 2018

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February 2018

We are happy to annouce that DrumIt Three is ready for the market and we are shipping this very week (FEB 21) to our distributors. We expect the products to begin arriving at the retailers in about 10 days. Please contact your reseller or distributor for purchase and pricing information.
While waiting we are glad to give you these video links with Randy Black explaining the system and playing it! His whole set up is a mix of various pads and triggers – all drum sounds your hear are from the DrumIt Three sound module:

Randy Black explains the system

Randy Black plays the new DrumIt Three

This is one way of sounding with the DrumIt Three. But it offers so much more. 100 Drum Kits built up from the 4 GB sound memory plus the unique feature to create your own multilayered sounds thanks to the Open Sound Architecture.
So which pads can work with our Universal Trigger interface? Please check the compability list here.

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide (German)

Another 50 KITs were custom-programmed to match various songs/artist. These KITs are created by 2box and reflect our taste and ideas. Feel free to edit them to fit your own style. These KITs contain typical sounds/loops/effects that you would associate with particular songs. This might be a finger snap on the rim of Tom 3, an 808 handclap on Tom 4 or a set of timbales on Tom 3 and 4 – but of course always play the full drum set and enjoy these KITs in total. The name of the KIT gives you an idea which song/artist we had in mind when creating the preset. There is also a Spotify Playlist link – these songs and artists where the inspiration when creating these Kits. Play these KITs to the songs in question and have fun!


Discontinued products:


DrumIt Five - Electronic Drum system

DrumIt Five US Edition is an open sound drum system giving the user the freedom to choose which sounds to play. The system is built around a high strength, low weight pad / cymbal and stand system. Add to this an extremely powerful drum unit with 4GB on-board Flash memory, and you have the foundation for a truly ground breaking, new sensation in electronic drums.

Easy to setup and use

The specially designed rack stand is focused to be sturdy, light-weight, and easy to set-up. It allows the user to adjust the pads and cymbals to their particular playing style. The kick position is adjustable but mounted to the stand.

Enjoy fast response time and superb dynamics

The DrumIt Five trigger system offers low latency triggering and great dynamic range. As the sounds consist of many velocity layers, the gradual change between faint and hard hits is faithfully reproduced.

Experience great sound quality

The DrumIt Five sounds are delivered at 44100 Hz by 24 bit digital-to-analog converters.

Unique rubber heads for a more realistic drum head rebound

The DrumIt Five US Edition features our specially developed rubber drum head. These heads are designed to mimic the rebound feel of a real kit. The acoustic sound level from these heads is minimal.

Play the Edge

The DrumIt Five pads offer a unique and revolutionary Floating Rim™. The innovative pad design features an independent rim trigger as well as a main head sensor. Both triggers in the pad are connected to one input on the Unit via a stereo trigger cable.

Dual sound mode

The rim trigger is independent of the head trigger, making it possible to play the DrumIt Five pads as normal acoustic drums with a typical rim sound, or try interesting new combinations by playing a totally different sound on the rim. The rim sensor offers the same dynamic control as the head sensor. In the DrumIt Five factory library you will find tom and snare sounds that are recorded with multi level rim hits. From the Unit you can choose to play the original rim sound of the tom / snare or assign a totally different sound to the rim, like a cowbell, tambourine or loop.

Select Different size pads

The pads come in a range of sizes from 8 to 14 inch. They all feature head and rim sensors. Although the pads are designed to be lightweight, they are cast in aluminium and extremely strong.

Play the Hi-Hat the way you are used too

The DrumIt hi-hat works the same as a conventional acoustic hi-hat, i.e. the playing surface moves up and down. It has the same silent rubber surface as the cymbals. The built-in sensor detects the vertical movement which, together with the multi-zone trig sensor, enables to reproduce the broad sound palette inherent to a hi-hat.

Use Multi-zone cymbals

The DrumIt Five system is supplied with multi-zone cymbals. The cymbals are designed to behave in exactly the same way as their acoustic counterpart, as such; they are free to swing when struck. They also include all natural zones of a normal acoustic cymbal, cup, bow and edge.

The cymbals are covered with a special silicon rubber surface, offering a feel as close to the real thing as possible, with a fast rebound and very low acoustic noise level. The playing surface is mounted on top of two durable aluminium sensor plates.

A unique and patent protected system allows the player to choke the cymbal anywhere around the circumference of the cymbal, as well as play the edge.

Two 14" cymbals come with the DrumIt Five, whilst other sizes including splash and crash will be available at a later date.

Download via USB

When DrumIt Five is connected to a computer by USB, all sounds and kits can be easily downloaded to the internal Flash memory. Use the editor to download complete kits or just drag-and-drop from the computer's file manager.

Make your own sounds

By means of the DrumIt Five editor ( PC / Mac ), you can make your own multi-sampled sounds from wave files. Together with sounds from the DrumIt library, you can create any kit you desire.

Use professionally edited DrumIt sounds

Select sounds from the DrumIt sound library, made by top artists, recorded in multi&channel multi-layer format in professional studios, carefully edited to offer unsurpassed sound quality..

Create your own kits

The DrumIt Five editor allows you to build and create your own sound's. The software is designed to work with PC's and Mac's. The program will allow you to drag and drop sounds onto various symbols in the editor to create your own personal kit. With a few clicks of a mouse, you will be able to adjust tuning, levels and panning. You will then be able to simply save the kit within your computer or send it to the DrumIt Five unit via the USB connector.

In the second section of the editor software, the Sound editor, there is the provision to allow the drummer to drag and drop any wave files into the editor page. It is possible to make your own multi level sound or create loops.

Edit kits

The DrumIt editor allows the user to create kits on their computer by way of easy drag-and-drop editing. Sounds can be played from the virtual pads to check how the kit will sound. The multi-channel, multi&layered DrumIt sounds can be remixed and adjusted to the user's own taste.

Play along

The DrumIt Five Unit allows you to, download wav files to jam along with or connect your media player to the line in socket.


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